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Economic Development & Regeneration

EC1 Land Allocated For Economic Development
EC2 Kent International Airport
EC3 International Airport, Surface Transport Issues
EC4 Airside Development Area
EC5 Land At, And East Of, The Airport Terminal
EC6 Fire Training School/mod Complex
EC7 Economic Development Infrastructure
EC8 Ramsgate Waterfront
EC9 Ramsgate New Port
EC10 Margate Old Town And Harbour
EC11 Business Hotels
EC12 Retention Of Employment Sites
EC13 Office Accommodation
EC14 Working From Home


H1 Residential Development Sites
H2 Dwelling Supply
H3 Phasing
H4 Windfall Sites
H5 Monitoring
H6 Residential Development Site At Westwood
H7 Residential Development/amenity Site At Minster
H8 Size And Type Of Housing
H9 Better Use Of Land For Housing
H10 Areas In Need Of Special Action
H11 Non-self Contained Residential Accommodation
H12 Retention Of Existing Housing Stock
H13 Residential Amenities
H14 Affordable Housing Negotiations On Housing Sites
H15 Rural Local- Needs Housing
H16 New Agricultural Dwellings

Town Centres & Retailing

TC1 New Retail Development
TC2 Westwood Cross Town Centre
TC3 Town Centre Expansion
TC4 Mixed Use Area
TC5 Retail Warehouse Stores
TC6 Assessment Of Applications
TC7 Ramsgate And Broadstairs Core Centres
TC8 District And Local Centres
TC9 Hot Food Takeaways


TR1 Location Of Development
TR2 Appropriate Use Of Road Hierarchy
TR3 Provision Of Transport Infrastructure
TR4 New Road And Highway Improvements
TR5 Off-street Servicing In Town Centres
TR6 Ramsgate Station Goods Yard
TR7 Roadside Services
TR8 Rail Link Safeguarding Direction
TR9 Ramsgate Renaissance
TR10 Coach Parking
TR11 Pedestrian Movement
TR12 Cycling
TR13 Public Transport Facilities
TR14 Provision Of Facilities For Sustainable Transport
TR15 Green Travel Plans
TR16 Car Parking Provision
TR17 Retention Of Existing Car Parking
TR18 Car Parking At Westwood And Out Of Centre Locations
TR19 Traffic Management Measures
TR20 Telecommunications


D1 Design Principles
D2 Landscaping
D3 Extensions To Dwelling Houses
D4 Design Statements
D5 Advertisements
D6 Satellite Antennae (dishes)
D7 Areas Of High Townscape Value
D8 Seafront Architecture
D9 Accommodation For Elderly Relatives
D10 Agricultural Buildings


HE1 Listed Buildings Of Special Architectural Or Historic Interest
HE2 Change Of Use Of Listed Buildings
HE3 Explanation:
HE4 Planning Controls Inconservation Areas
HE5 Conservation Area Consent
HE6 Demolition In Conservation Areas
HE7 Non-listed Buildings In Conservation Areas
HE8 Street Furniture
HE9 Importance Of Archaeological Resource
HE10 Protection Of Scheduled Ancient Monuments
HE11 Archaeological Assessment
HE12 Archaeological Sites And Preservation
HE13 Royal Sea Bathing Hospital
HE14 Montefiore Site


T1 Tourist Facilities
T2 Serviced Accommodation
T3 Self-catering Accommodation
T4 Hoverport Site Pegwell Bay
T5 The Lido Site
T6 Language Schools
T7 Amusement Uses
T8 Dreamland
T9 Rural Tourism

Sport & Recreation

SR1 New Facilities
SR2 Jackey Baker’s
SR3 Maximising Use Of Facilities
SR4 Provision Of New Sports Facilities
SR5 Playspace
SR6 Amenity Areas
SR7 Urban Fringe
SR8 Formal Countryside Recreation
SR9 Informal Countryside Recreation
SR10 Public Open Space
SR11 Private Open Space
SR12 Playing Fields
SR13 Allotments
SR14 Community Woodlands
SR15 Golf Courses & Country Park
SR16 Equestrian Uses And Buildings
SR17 Statutory Rights Of Way
SR18 Major Holiday Beaches
SR19 Intermediate Beaches
SR20 Undeveloped Beaches
SR21 Development On Seafront Esplanades

Countryside & Coast

CC1 Development In The Countryside
CC2 Landscape Character Areas
CC3 Local Landscape Features
CC4 Island Approach Routes
CC5 Green Wedges
CC6 Village Separation Corridors
CC7 Rural Lanes
CC8 Power Lines
CC9 Best & Most Versatile Farmland
CC10 Farm Diversification
CC11 Agriculture-related Development
CC12 Farm Retail Units
CC13 Coastal Park Initiative
CC14 Development Along The Coast
CC15 Coastal Defence Works
CC16 Undeveloped Coast
CC17 Undeveloped Clifftop Sites

Rural Settlements

R1 General Levels Of Development
R2 Village Gaps
R3 Village Services
R4 Village Shops
R5 Conversion Of Rural Buildings
R6 Traffic In The Villages

Nature Conservation

NC1 Habitats
NC2 Nature Reserve And Sssis
NC3 Local Wildlife Sites
NC4 Habitat Management And Creation
NC5 Lower Stour Valley
NC6 Rig Sites

Environmental Protection

EP1 Potentially Polluting Development
EP2 Landfill Sites
EP3 Unstable Land
EP4 Derelict & Contaminated Land
EP5 Local Air Quality Monitoring
EP6 General Noise Control
EP7 Aircraft Noise
EP8 Aircraft Noise & Residential Development
EP9 Light Pollution
EP10 Wantsum Channel Flood Risk Area
EP11 Margate Flood Risk Area
EP12 Surface Water Run-off
EP13 Groundwater Protection Zones
EP14 Renewable Energy

Community Facilities

CF1 Community Facilities
CF2 Development Contributions
CF3 Training Facilities
CF4 Qeqm Hospital, Margate
CF5 Margate Cemetery
CF6 New Education Site

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