Vision and Objectives

This Development Plan Document (DPD) provides planning policies for the Cliftonville West Renewal Area, as designated in 2005, and shown on the map in Appendix 1.  This DPD runs from the date of its adoption until 2026 in line with the Core Strategy.

This Development Plan Document contains a set of planning policies to be used for Development Management purposes to manage the large number of planning applications that are submitted in the area.   It is being introduced in advance of the Core Strategy as the quickest way to implement additional planning controls as urgent intervention is needed to enable the area to improve.  There are other Council initiatives being developed to address some of the other issues that cannot be dealt with via planning policy.  There is no conflict between the emerging Core Strategy and policies contained within this document.

NB There are also district-wide policies that will also apply to the DPD Plan Area – please refer to the Local Development Framework.




Cliftonville will become a clean, safe, amiable place where families and individuals will want to live and take pride in. Existing buildings will be well maintained, enhancing the special architectural quality and historic value of the area. There will be a demand for properties within the area and new development will be well designed with an attractive townscape incorporating high quality hard and soft landscaping and encouraging biodiversity. 



  High quality public spaces







There will be a strong community spirit and residents will have pride in the area. The community will be a mixed and settled one including families with children living in accommodation suited to their needs, a range of household sizes including apartments and family sized homes with gardens and high quality public green spaces.

Cliftonville will be home to a number of quality hotels able to accommodate the tourism generated by the regeneration of Margate and changing holiday patterns.



  • To contribute towards a more balanced pattern of types, sizes and tenures of residential properties in the area, reducing the transient nature of residents, by curtailing the development of small, low quality flats and bedsits.
  • To retain or increase the proportion of family houses in the area.
  • To help to attract long term commitments from families and individuals who will invest in high quality accommodation.
  • To encourage and stimulate quality tourist accommodation back to the area.
  • To mitigate the impact of new development on the demand for on-street car parking.
The issues affecting Cliftonville are persistent, wide ranging and cannot be resolved solely by this DPD. This DPD is part of a number of Council initiatives, and initiatives being progressed by other bodies, which aim to achieve wider objectives for the area. Actions which the Council and its partners can help to deliver as part of these wider objectives separate from this DPD include:
  • Ensuring that new development is of high quality, good design and of an appropriate scale and character. Developments-of-good-design
  • Improving the urban fabric, streetscene and environment within the area.
  • Encouraging a high standard of refurbishment or redevelopment of obsolete and neglected properties for the benefit of the area incorporating high quality and inclusive design.
  • Providing for adequate and efficient garden space. adequate-and-efficient-garden-space
  • Greening the neighbourhood and improving the appearance of the street scene.
  • Facilitating the convenient and discrete storage and collection of materials for recycling and reduce the amount going to landfill. 
  • Encouraging and supporting existing and new businesses, employment and leisure opportunities in Cliftonville. Improving-the-provision-of-local-facilities
  • Providing employment opportunities in locations where there is no conflict with residential amenity.
  • Improving the provision of local community, leisure and health facilities.

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