4. The Need for Action in Cliftonville West


In order for Cliftonville to move towards the aspiration of a balanced and healthy community, a more explicit and detailed consideration of the impact of planning and other decisions is needed. The Cliftonville West Area suffers high levels of deprivation, and high levels of transience associated with the large supply of private rented housing and small converted flats and bedsits.


As a result of previous planning policies supporting the holiday accommodation economy, much of the area has become overdeveloped. When Cliftonville was previously designated as a holiday accommodation area many hotels were permitted to extend into garden areas. Multi-level rear extensions and extensive coverage of rear gardens with chalets, often of a poor standard of accommodation, proliferated. Now the former hotels have mostly been converted for residential uses many properties are over-shadowed and have little or no private garden area. The amount of building in the area has resulted in a disagreeable living environment. Because of the nature of the development many streets have no, or very limited off street parking and the density of the development that has occurred has resulted in congestion and lack of on street parking in many roads.


A number of issues need to be addressed immediately. These have been directly related to the significant number of planning applications being submitted in this area. With a coherent vision, and effective controls, Cliftonville will improve and become an area of which local people and the Council can be proud.

Planning Policies

The following pages set out the planning policies for the area against which decisions on planning applications will be made.

Planning Policy   Planning Policy

Planning Policy 


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